Program Implementation

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ESCORT provides education program implementation support to State Education Agencies (SEAs) and Local Education Agencies (LEAs), primarily for the Title I, Part C Migrant Education Program. We provide innovative, data driven solutions, training and/or staffing to address:

  • Services for eligible migratory children and youth
  • Family engagement activities, including Parent Advisory Councils (PAC)
  • Comprehensive Needs Assessments (CNAs), Service Delivery Plans (SDPs) and, program evaluation
  • Identification and Recruitment (ID&R) of eligible migratory children and youth
  • Systems and procedures development
  • Policy and practices consultation

Our projects & partnerships

ESCORT is contracted by the Alabama Migrant Education Program to assist with the identification and recruitment (ID&R) throughout the state. In addition ESCORT staff also conducts training to improve their ID&R efforts and conducts quality control re-interviews.

ESCORT coordinates the identification and recruitment (ID&R) processes of all eligible migratory students into the Florida Migrant Education Program (FMEP). ESCORT serves as the ID&R Office for the state of Florida and provides training and technical assistance to local-level and state-level FMEP staff on ID&R processes. ESCORT conducts a thorough Certificate of Eligibility (COE) review for accuracy and the proper eligibility determination of migratory children. Additionally, ESCORT assists the FMEP in utilizing the Migrant Student Information Exchange (MSIX) to inform ID&R efforts and coordinates the re-interview process as a quality control measure for the FMEP.  Please read more about this project and the other ID&R activities that ESCORT implements here.

ESCORT coordinates the identification and recruitment processes of all eligible migratory students into the Louisiana MEP. We provide thorough COE review for accuracy and eligibility, provide technical assistance to the local parishes related to the ID&R of eligible migratory students, coordinate a yearly ID&R planning and quarterly ID&R reporting process, and conduct quality control re-interviews.  Please read more about this contract and the other ID&R activities that ESCORT implements here.

ESCORT has worked with the Mississippi Migrant Education Services Center (MSMESC) for many years. One project we consulted on was to conduct a review of the process for determining and providing services to migratory students. We looked at how student service needs were determined; what services were provided; who provided the services; and, what the resulting outcomes were. The review process provided an overview of the approach to services that the State and Service Center used for program reflection. ESCORT has also conducted professional development with MEP staff that included reviewing approved Certificates of Eligibility (COEs) for accuracy; discussing remote ID&R strategies during the pandemic, and, examining family engagement and Parent Advisory Council work.

ESCORT conducts the identification and recruitment of all eligible migratory students into the Missouri Migrant Education Program (MEP). This includes reviewing COEs for accuracy and eligibility, creating and executing a thorough ID&R yearly plan and conducting yearly quality control re-interviews. Our recruiter/advocates also provide support services ensuring the migratory children and youth have access to needed resources.  Read more about this project and the other ID&R activities that ESCORT implements here. In addition to the ID&R implementation, ESCORT also conducts parent engagement activities and PAC meetings, keeping parents connected to the Migrant Program.

ESCORT coordinated the key consortium activities with the nine state Preschool Initiative Consortium in collaboration with the lead state of PA from 2015-2020. The goals of the consortium were to:

  • Expand the capacity of state and local MEPs to serve migrant PK children
  • Ensure that more services are provided to migrant 3-5 year old children
  • Disseminate information on evidence-based and promising practices

The PI developed a number of resources that are designed to help the MEP service providers understand more about school readiness and provide parents and caretakers with information and activities they can do at home daily, in any language, to promote language and literacy development. You can find information on Learning Kits for home-based services; policy papers and briefs on current topics like suspension and expulsion of preschool students from school; and, workshop materials like the Family Literacy Strategies presentation. For more information and resources, see the Preschool Initiative Clearinghouse at

Full PI CIG member states include: CO, FL, GA, ID, ME, MO, OR, PA, and WA.

Partner states are: AK, HI, IN, MT, NC