ESCORT has been very beneficial regarding their trainings that they provide via Zoom on how to fill out and complete a COE under ESSA regulations; in addition to assisting me on how to write a comment; if needed. As well with determining and entering services correctly. ESCORT has truly been and is a great support for me due to the following special ladies that I have had the privilege and pleasure in working with throughout the 10 years of being in the migrant education family.

Mrs. Margot has always made herself available by phone or email. I really appreciate how she takes the time to listen to the family scenario, her guidance and promptness in returning my call or replying to my email, and her willingness to take the time in teaching me and helping understand how to write a comment correctly and making sure that I do understand as well!

Mrs. Michele and Ms. Pam, (I can NOT leave her out; TOP NOTCH lady) have been a great support team as well! They have always made themselves available in assisting me throughout the years regarding any questions or concerns. Mrs. Michele has always assisted me on how to correctly enter a service and to determine what is a service. I very much appreciate her willingness to listen regarding service scenarios, guiding, teaching me, and taking the time for me to understand and comprehend the trainings she provides.

Mississippi Migrant Education Service Center