Jocelyn Brown

As a native New Yorker who grew up in Otego and frequented Oneonta, I am very familiar with the area, commerce, people, and challenges that face our small, rural towns. In 1996, I began working at ESCORT as an administrative assistant in a temporary role while recruitment efforts were underway. That became a critical year in my life as I was also expecting my first child and began to rethink my priorities.

After a few months, ESCORT offered me the full time position and I gladly accepted the new role. Now, 20 years later, I have advanced in my career and provide support to migrant families through administrative support to my teammates. I frequently work on over a dozen contracts at one time. I organize all aspects of travel for staff and consultants; work closely with the ESCORT fiscal operations; and assist with putting together conferences of several hundred people, including overall planning, negotiating government meeting contracts and coordinating logistics. I am proud to work with a talented and compassionate team with a common vision and feel that I really belong in this effort.

Jocelyn Brown specializes in travel logistics for ESCORT and carries out other duties related to fiscal operations. She works closely with the local office of the Research Foundation for State University of New York to maintain the ESCORT budget. As a Certified Government Meeting planner, Jocelyn provides key support in planning and orchestrating conferences, meetings and forums. She has been with ESCORT since 1996.