The National Migrant Education Hotline 1-800-234-8848

The Hotline is free and accessible to migrant farmworkers and their families anywhere in the United States. The calls are answered by Hotline specialists 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Migrant educators from states contributing to the upkeep and operation of the hotline in the United States can request promotional items that carry the National Migrant Education Hotline phone number so that families have the number with them as they move.

A free, downloadable brochure with information about the National Migrant Education Hotline is available to migrant educators in all states at the link below.

We do not ship promotional materials to any countries outside of North America.

Order promotional items online.

Obtain a PDF of the Hotline brochure to print and distribute locally.

Paper order forms are also available for download in Word and PDF formats below (instructions included).