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The National ID&R Forum is the only conference that focuses explicitly on the efforts for the Identification and Recruitment (ID&R) of migratory children and youth for Migrant Education Programs (MEPs) to enhance their capacity to appropriately identify and serve all eligible migratory students in their area of service. For information on other services that we provide regarding the ID&R of migratory children and youth for the MEP, please visit our  ID&R Services page.

This event provides participants with an opportunity to engage in meaningful dialogue with colleagues and experts from across the country on key issues and current trends related to the ID&R of migratory children and youth.

Each Forum includes

Informative General Sessions

  • Keynote speakers
  • Opening and closing plenary sessions
  • Engaging networking events
  • Plenty of meaningful experiences

Concurrent Sessions

  • Essential ID&R Topics such as:
    • MEP Eligibility
    • Identification Techniques
    • Eligibility Interview Techniques
    • ID&R Plan Development
    • Quality Control Procedures
  • ID&R Training Strategies
  • Electronic COE Implementation
  • Recruiting and Serving Non‐traditional Populations
  • Recruiting and Serving Preschool students and Out‐of‐School Youth (OSY)
  • Urban Recruitment
  • ID&R Technology

Forum Program Archive

Presentation PowerPoints and materials from the past  ID&R Forums are included and posted in the links below. If you attended the Forum in the past and are looking for materials from a specific presentation, use the links below. If you are interested in learning more about what the Forum is, check out the different presentations that have been given in the past.