F-1 Identification and Recruitment Tennessee Style!

Tennessee has been challenged with limited funding for over a decade. This has forced us to rethink how we use our staff time, and program resources. Come and learn what has worked for us in the area of recruitment which leads to good services. The session will cover everything from:
  • Maximizing time for staff to both serve and recruit families;
  • Building a successful network for recruiting in small areas and statewide;
  • Organizing recruiters in new areas;
  • Hiring staff;
  • Using on-line resources to determine where to recruit;
  • Documenting recruiting efforts to save time in the future;
  • Learning about free resources available to other states that can be used to provide quality instruction; and
  • Much more. Join us!

Jessica Castañeda, State Coordinator (migranted@blomand.net)
Hilary Maitlen, Regional Coordinator (mepnortheasttn@gmail.com)
Justyn Settles, Regional Recruiter (justyn.settles@gmail.com)
Tennessee Opportunity Programs

Target Audience - All Participants

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