E-4 Dust Off Your ID&R: The Recruitment Sweep - What, Why, and How

This presentation will focus on the recruitment sweep as a strategy for streamlining and improving recruitment efforts. Sweeps can provide a comprehensive “picture” of regional recruitment possibilities, stimulate recruitment by increasing networks with industry and community partners, and bring fresh perspectives to bear on a given area.

Pennsylvania MEP will share its experience with planning, implementing and evaluating a statewide sweep as well as practical strategies that are key to ensuring the sweep’s success.

Jose Reyes-Lua, Statewide MEP Recruitment Coordinator (jreyes-lua@csiu.org)
Center for Schools and Communities

Tim Haas, Recruiter Coordinator PA Region 2 (timh@cciu.org)
Chester County Intermediate Unit

Michael Hannum, Recruiter Coordinator PA Region 5 (mwhannum@iu12.org))
Lincoln Intermediate Unit No. 12

Deke Showman, Recruiter Coordinator PA Region 7 (deke_showman@iu5.org)
Northwest Tri-County Intermediate Unit No. 5

Target Audience - Recruiters

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