B-5 Opening School Doors for Regional Recruiters

In order to reach every eligible migrant child, recruiters constantly visit farms, farmworker housing, community organizations, etc. Schools are not an exception, although sometimes it could be overwhelming to access schools’ information if the Migrant Education Program (MEP) is not operated by the State Education Department. In New York we have nine programs with an average of 30 school districts per region; therefore the regional recruiters rely on the assistance of the Migrant Education Tutorial and Support Services Program (METS) and the MIS2000 database system in order to obtain referrals and keep a positive relationship with the local schools. During this workshop, attendees will learn new ideas to collaborate and enhance identification efforts between the MEP, regional recruiters, and the local school systems. Also, we will share templates of forms used by NY State in school-based recruitment efforts.

Irene Sanchez, Statewide Recruiter (is_edurecruiter@hotmail.com)
Odilia Coffta, Senior Data Analyst (odiliacoffta@gmail.com)
Emily Hanehan-Acker, Statewide Recruiter (emilyhanehan@gmail.com)
New York State Migrant Education Program/Identification & Recruitment Program

Target Audience - All Participants

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