B-1 How to Become a Better Recruiter with MSIX

This session will provide tips and strategies for recruiters on ways to use the Migrant Student Information Exchange (MSIX) to assist in their ID&R efforts. An overview of how to use MSIX in ID&R planning efforts, increase effectiveness in dealing with families and improve communication with schools and other states as well as within one's recruiting network will be presented. There will be opportunities to ask questions, give feedback, and share recruiting scenarios around MSIX best practices to enhance ID&R.

One-on-one assistance will be available in the Mentoring Lounge before and/or after this session.

Wahid Sadek, MSIX Technical Manager/Operations & Maintenance Lead (wsadek@deloitte.com )
Deloitte Consulting

Lisa Gillette, Acting Group Leader (lisa.gillette@ed.gov ))
U.S. Department of Education

Annie Babcock, MSIX Functional Team Member (anbabcock@deloitte.com)
Deloitte Consulting

Target Audience - Recruiters

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